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About this Project

Welcome to the UBC CJK Chinese Character Multimedia Dictionary!

This project is a three-year project funded by UBC’s Teaching and Learing Enhancement Fund. The title of the project is “Technology-enhanced Chinese character learning resources for use in ‘CJK’ (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) language courses.”

Development team members:

Team Leaders:

  • Dr. Ross King, Head of the Department of Asian studies and Professor of Korean
  • Dr. Duanduan Li, Associate Professor of Chinese and Director of the Chinese Language Program
  • Dr. Rebecca Chau, Senior Instructor in Japanese and Coordinator of the Japanese Language Program


  • Pan Luo

Former Programmer:

  • Jesse Chen, UBC Computer Science

Much of the work on the site is ongoing and is performed by a team of more than a dozen UBC undergraduate and graduate students.

Objectives, rationale and methods:

Our objective is to

  1. develop a database and interface for an integrated CJK Chinese character-learning tool, and
  2. populate the database with all the information essential to learning 2,000-4,000 Chinese characters each in CJK.

The rationales are:

  1. huge student numbers and demand for CJK and Chinese characters at UBC;
  2. a global approach to Chinese characters in CJK allows for economies, especially for learners with exposure to another East Asian language;
  3. for each character (e.g.: 學 ‘learn’), learners need information about: stroke orders, pronunciation(s), English-language gloss(es), target language gloss(es) (JK), radical, stroke counts, compounds and phrases that include the character, sentences exemplifying them in context, and audio. All these types of information can be presented, searched, reviewed, quizzed, tracked and learned more effectively in a web-based self-learning context.